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What is the Most Popular Type of Massage?

The most popular type of massage may vary depending on where you live and what you are using massage therapy for. The one type of massage that every massage therapist learns, and the one that most often comes to mind, is the traditional Swedish, or western, massage. It consists of long, gliding strokes and kneading of muscles. Swedish massage is the standard for a relaxing massage. Sport massage and medical massage, also sometimes referred to as rehabilitative massage, are also popular for focusing on a specific injury. Sports massage includes pre-event massage, a type of technique used in warming...

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What Is a Sports Massage?

Sports massage is different from other types of massage in that it is generally used in either pre- or post-athletic exercises, competitions or other physical activity. It is also used to rehabilitate after a sports injury. Other types of massage might be: medical massage (used for recovery after surgery, maintenance of good health and reduction of pain); relaxation massage (such as Swedish) or various Eastern modalities which use acupressure points (such as Shiatsu or Thai massage). Pre-event sports massage is generally vigorous and used on the legs and arms to warm up and activate muscle activity. It helps to...

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Massage therapy has many benefits

Ancient Western and Eastern civilizations dating back as far as 3000 years discovered that massage and touch therapy have many health benefits. From being rendered a disreputable form of indulgence, massage is now seen as a holistic method of healing, which is practiced all over the world today. Benefits range from relieving migraines and stress relief to improving circulation and having the ability to rehabilitate physical functions. Tense muscles can cause the body to lose its natural balance. This can lead to pain as other muscles in the body tense to try to compensate for those which are causing...

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Massage Outperforms Meds For Low Back Pain Study finds

Is it conceivable that massage can provide more effective relief from low back pain than medication? A new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicinesuggests this therapy might indeed alleviate back pain better in the short term than traditional interventions of medicine, bed rest or exercise: Healthday reports. The investigation conducted by the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle involved 400 patients who had low back pain, the majority of which were middle aged, Caucasian and female. Researchers found those who were given a series of relaxation massage or structural massage were better able to work and be active than those...

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Massage heals the tissues of the body

Brush aside any thoughts that massage is only a luxury splurge that has no real health benefits. To the contrary, hands-on healing helps you unwind, lowers blood pressure, promotes muscle relaxation and boosts your immune system. During a massage session, massage therapists use their hands and fingers to press and manipulate your skin, tendons, ligaments and muscles. The strokes gently move your blood, oxygen and lymph to various tissues and organs in a way that normally doesn’t happen in the bodies of most people. As a result, the person who is receiving the massage experiences a level of physical...

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