Massage Therapy in Fairbanks, AK

Annetta Atwell

Not originally from Alaska, I have always been very interested in the wonder of this land. My husband and I chose to move here after having spent a considerable amount of time in other areas of the US. We are so happy to finally be home. Massage training and licensing: 2005-2006 in San Antonio, Texas Patients can get the most benefit from their massage whether pain relief, stress reduction, sporting events preparation, recovery from injury or surgery, or just a quiet place to relax.

Additional trainings: ● Headaches ● TMJ Syndrome ● Hip pain ● Shoulder issues ● Back problems ● Anterior torso-including o Breast massage o Pelvic muscle massage ● Prenatal massage Modalities often used: ● Swedish techniques ● Deep tissue ● Myofascial release ● Sports massage ● Joint mobilization ● Trigger point ● Advanced stretches including o Active stretches o Passive stretches o Resistive stretches

My approach to massage is addressing the superficial soft tissue before diving into the deeper structures so as not to cause undue pain to already sensitive areas. Communication from the patient will provide the best experience for each individual. Each person has unique needs and desires for their treatment. Unifying the massage therapy to exercise, Chiropractic, and modern medicines can be instrumental in aiding of the healing process, relieving symptoms, and reducing stress. This can be the ideal environment for optimal health. Keeping our bodies functioning well will lead to a better quality of life.