Where Are We Going?Warren M Moore, D.C.

If you aren’t sure how to be proactive about being healthy, let me help teach you the basic principles. I promise you that what you will learn is both easy and fun. Even better than that, you will enjoy all the benefits of improved health…..more energy, a healthy weight, and a regaining of passion for life.

My prime intention in this blog is to cover the most important aspects of health.  Of prime importance are what we eat, the amount of movement we give our bodies every day, and also our mental state. When you start making better choices in these areas, you  improve on one of the most important aspects of health, a healthy weight.  All of the topics will be covered in a way that is easy to understand and as we go we will add very easy steps to take so you can get moving in the right direction. Our goal is to build a happy, healthy human being as best as we can. We all have challenges, but we all can do it if we choose to. Start wherever you are and just decide to follow along.

I am currently 40 years old and enjoy good health. I play hockey, lift weights, and generally just love people and having a good time. I also love teaching the ideas that help create a healthy human being. I use all the ideas myself and I promise you that it works. I spend a lot of time discussing what I do with patients. The nice thing about this new blog is that it will make an easy access point for patients to review what we often discuss in the clinic.

Look Ahead

Let’s explore what is possible for you. I weigh about 182 lbs at 72 inches and keep my body fat below 8% without even trying. I say without even trying because it doesn’t feel like trying once you know the way. I know that you can do it, too!

The Basis Of Everything

Whatever goal we are shooting for, there are principles and steps that lead us toward the goal. It is no different with health. There are very simple principles to learn that  create an understanding of what health really is, and then the steps become quite obvious. I have always said that the average person knows and cares more about his/her car than his/her body, and the health consequences have been disastrous for society. As a Chiropractor, I have spent my adult life living the principles I am about to teach you. If your health is less than it should be, begin following me. I would love to help you.  I am a local Fairbanks Chiropractor sharing a pathway to being healthy, lean, and fit. Best of all, if I can do this with one hand, I know that you are capable as well. We all have challenges that we may  use as excuses, but I know that you can do it!

You Are Your Cells

It’s something that we rarely think about, but we are a collection of trillions of  cells. The harmonious function of those cells creates a balance that we call life. The technical term for this delicate biological balancing act is homeostasis. The entirety of our health rests on our ability to stay in homeostasis. For example, if we are exercising and overheating, our body automatically makes many changes so that we begin to cool. Also, if we decided to climb a mountain, our body would begin increasing the number of red blood cells as we climb in order to increase the ability to deliver oxygen. In both of these cases, our cells are making adjustments in order to meet a change in the environment. This is the crux of our ongoing balancing act to survive.

So What Is The First Thing To Understand About Health?

As the health of our individual cells go, so goes OUR health. When our cells are healthy, they function properly and contribute to homeostasis.

What Are The Requirements For Cell Health?

In order for cells to function properly they require sufficient raw materials (sufficiency) and also to be free from toxicity. Any cell that is lacking the required materials for cell function or is being poisoned, will be unable to function properly. In other words, deficiency and toxicity leads to poor cell health, which in turn leads to poor health for us.

The Tale of Two Women

Symptoms are clear signs that your cells are either suffering a deficiency or a toxicity. As an example, compare the skin of two comparable women. Both women are 45 years old. The first woman engages in daily exercise and focuses on eating real food (we will talk more about this later) while the second woman has been a chain-smoker for 25 years and typically eats processed foods. What image do you get when you imagine the skin of these two women? The skin of the chain-smoker would be thickened and lifeless (a common look among smokers) and that can be attributed to years of deficiency of proper nutrients and the toxicity of smoking.  Remember this example.

Stressors and Human Health

A stressor is anything that knocks you off homeostasis and disrupts health. In our modern world, most of these stressors are lifestyle choices. At the simplest level they break down to what we typically eat, how much we move, and how we think. If we are deficient or toxic in any of these areas, illness is the inevitable result. It’s important to understand that we need to consider all of our lifestyle choices in order to fully express health.


Our cell health equals our health. Deficiency and toxicity are stressors that drive cells from homeostasis and disrupt health. Most stressors are lifestyle choices.

The Next Step

In upcoming blogs, I am going to lay out a “game plan” for health. I will discuss everything that I do to actively promote health and fitness.  Some topics we are going to discuss: Intermittent Fasting, The Paleo Diet, Chiropractic Care, Exercise.

A recurring theme that I hope to get across is that it is far more important that you just start moving in a better direction rather than trying to be perfect. Use the ideas you will learn most of the time, but don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t perfect.  Beating yourself up is a form of stress and will cause you to quit. This should feel like floating down a river in a rubber raft, enjoying the sunshine! Feel good that you decided to float down the river. If you pull off for a second, don’t worry. Just get back on the river ASAP!

Our next topic will be the easiest and most effective tool I know to improve your weight and  health…Intermittent Fasting.