Fairbanks, Alaska Massage Therapist Sherry Hilton


Sherry Hilton has been a Fairbanks, Alaska massage therapist for over 6 years and has practiced massage for over 30 years altogether.  She started a small business out of her home in 1994 called Sher-Bear Body Care.  She had her own line of products pertaining to Aromatherapy and Body Care.  She made her own Bath Salts, Massage Oils, Facial Clay, and Potpourris.  In 1996, Sherry became Internationally Certified to teach massage professionally. From 1996 until 2002, she owned and operated The Hilton Holistic Health Center, a large massage school, clinic and New Age store, in Clinton Township, Michigan.  Moving to Fairbanks, Alaska in July of 2006, she immediately started as a licensed massage at Spaulding Chiropractic Clinic, specializing in Deep Tissue and injury work.  Sherry has been a massage therapist in Fairbanks ever since. Currently she is working on a certification program for Advanced Myofascial Techniques.


Sherry is your choice for Fairbanks massage therapy. She offers:

  • Acupressure – A series of points on the body stimulated by pressure in order to relieve pain and tension
  • Senior Massage – improves health and mobility of joints, posture, and coordination.  Relieves itchy and dry skin.  Can enhance restful sleep and can speed healing from injuries of surgery.
  • Pre-Natal Massage – Reduces the aches and pains due to prenatal changes in the body.  Helps relieve nausea and ease labor. This is done with a special pregnancy pillow allowing the client to lay face down when later term does not allow you too.
  • Baby’s First Massage – Can ease the discomfort of colic and teething. Stimulate good body function and bond mother and child (or Father and child).
  • Post-Natal Massage – Helps your body retain its natural shape and reduces stretch marks.
  • Aromatherapy – A customized blend of essential oils designed just for you.  Use it in your massage and then take it home. This must be predetermined before appointment, it requires consultation.
  • Face Massage/Scalp Massage – Light massage used to relax and relieve the muscles of the face and head.  Great for TMJ.
  • Bach Flower Therapy – A special blend of Bach Flower remedies put together just for you.  Used to help emotional disorders.
  • Reiki – Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  Hands on energy technique (not massage).  Treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and spirit.
  • Stone Massage & Therapeutic Stone Massage – The use of hot and cold stones in application and massage.  Stones that are heated to between 120 and 160 degrees depending on the person’s tolerance are used to heat the body while the person is being massaged with the hot stones as well.  If you love the sauna or the hot tub, you will love this!

Currently, adding 32 CEU’s a year for Advanced Myofascial Techniques.

Sherry Hilton is available at Spaulding Chiropractic 6 days a week. If you have low back pain, neck pain, or headaches, give us a call. Sherry also specializes in working with Fairbanks auto accident victims and also with people who have been hurt at work. Many insurance plans cover massage so call Spaulding Chiropractic Clinic today at 907-456-4234.