In this week’s blog, we are going to discuss a very important concept and take advantage of one of our own human weaknesses….laziness. Read on to find out how to get laziness to work for you.

First, let’s review some  key points and expand a little bit:

1. Our genes are ancient and designed to function in an environment that existed from 500 generations ago up to 2.5 million years ago.

2. Our genes have changed minimally since then, therefore our best shot at a healthy diet comes from eating foods that would have been found in our distant past, as this is what our genes were selected to thrive on. Healthy genes = healthy cells = healthy person.

3. If we start to think a little more like a hunter and gatherer, we move closer to the diet that nature intended.

Modern Hunter/Gatherers


In case you are wondering at this point, I don’t believe we should take a giant step back in time and give up our modern conveniences. Well, you can do it if you want to, but I won’t.  I think the sensible thing to do is to enjoy all of our comforts, but do our best to get much closer to our original diet  if we are trying to improve our health and reach a healthy weight.

So, what food was available 10,000 years ago? It was very simple-primarily vegetables, fruit, and meat. This is what we should aim to  maximize in our diet to improve our health and reach an  ideal weight. The good news is that we can hunt and gather at the grocery store.

How To Make Laziness Work For You

Here is where I make a confession. I am weak. If I have potato chips in the house, I will eat them. If I get a quart of ice cream for a treat and intend to make it last 2 weeks, it will be gone the first night.  If I buy a loaf of French bread, it may not even make it home. Does this sound familiar? I know  it does.

Those of you that know me may be a little surprised right now. Yes, Dr. Moore is just like you.   However, I know one other thing about all of us that can turn the day-we all have a bit of a lazy streak. More importantly, we can use that lazy streak to our advantage. If we are craving ice cream and it is in the freezer, it will take a huge dose of willpower to avoid the treat. However, if we get a craving for something and it isn’t in the house, we aren’t likely to saddle up and head out to the store to buy it-especially in the winter.

The grocery store is where the battle is won. If it doesn’t come home, you are much less likely to end up eating it. Imagine all the calories you can save if you just avoid bringing a few of those high calorie treats home, so they are much harder to get to when the cravings begin. You may occasionally get into your vehicle and make a  run to the store for that which you crave, but many times you won’t.  That’s how to make laziness work for you.

Action Steps:

1.Next time you go to the store, think like a hunter-gatherer. Fill your cart with more produce and meat. If you are still putting  food in your cart that doesn’t fit this description, that’s ok. Just start including more vegetable, fruit, and lean meat.

Continue to use our previous steps as well:

2. Fresh fiber first. Always eat a piece of fruit or a vegetable before eating anything else.

3. Continue with intermittent fasting-that is, going for a set amount of time without eating to allow your body to go into repair mode. Your body will  use your  body fat as the prime fuel source during this brief fast.  If you have adapted to going 12 hours without eating overnight, consider increasing your fasting time to 14 hours. As a suggestion, stop eating at 8 pm and have your “break-fast” at 10 a.m. the next morning. I fast for at least 16 hours each day. This is the most effective technique I know to get healthy and lean in a hurry!

Next week we will get more into the mechanics of intermittent fasting and I will lay out what I do every day. Until then, catch up on previous blogs and keep moving forward.

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