It Really Is This Easy To Lose Weight in Fairbanks, AK

Dr. Moore

Warren M. Moore, D.C.
Fairbanks Chiropractor

There is nothing that will affect your overall health more than maintaining a healthy weight. At Spaulding Chiropractic, we see the loss of health and quality of life  associated with being overweight in many of our patients. Type II diabetes develops as we move away from a healthy weight and has become an epidemic in the West, with children now being affected at a high rate. We often see stories in the newspaper that show obesity rates on the rise and predicted to be much higher in the future. Something has to change.

In response to the growing problem, many companies market gimmicks and tricks and promise a solution. We are often sold on the illusion of complexity. In other words, we are sold the idea that losing weight is very complicated and requires special equipment or special products, etc. You see it everywhere! We are told that fat is bad, carbs are bad, etc. The ONLY secret to weight loss is that you must keep your calories below what your body requires to maintain your weight. Whether you choose to completely avoid carbs, etc., is really not important. Your daily calorie count is by far the most important factor. Never forget this simple truth.

So Easy A Cave Man Could Do It

Think about where our genes came from. Our genes are designed to thrive on conditions that existed far in our past….thousands of years ago. If we imagine what life was like back then, we can develop a simple idea of what our genes require to be healthy. Thousands of years ago, we ate “real food” because that is all there was. Let’s keep this really simple……if you can picture it 10,000 years ago, eat it!

Imagine our hunter-gatherer ancestors in their world. It would be typical for them to make a kill, or find a source of fruit, and then eat quite a lot while the getting was good. This over-eating period might easily be followed by a period of dramatic under-eating while they searched for the next food source. It is important to understand that our genes developed in these conditions and are well-adapted to this scenario. There are many benefits to this pattern of eating but we will get into that later. For now, just remember what our ancestors did.

One thing is clear….our ancestors were free of our diseases and the people who lived long lives were in much better health than our typical modern person. The overall lifespan of our paleolithic ancestors was actually shorter than ours, but that is skewed by the prevalence of injuries and subsequent infections. It was dangerous hunting mammoths with a stick! Today we are far less prone to injuries and we have treatment for infections that could be life-threatening. Let’s combine the benefits of both worlds!

Taking A Few Steps In The Right Direction

A Healthy Meal

Heading This Direction…

I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information at once (although I feel like I want to!) so we are going to stop here for this week. Think about the ideas we are building on and start moving that way.

Step 1

If right now you eat nothing but processed foods, that’s ok. Keep eating them! But start including more foods that existed 10,000 years ago. A simple idea to remember is “FFF”…..fresh fiber first. So, if all you like to eat is fast food, no worries. Please just start to try to eat a piece of fruit or a veggie, first. This simple trick alone will dramatically drop your calories over time and lead to weight loss. Slow and steady wins the race.

Step 2

Create an eating window for yourself. An eating window is a period of time that you eat food. This will be followed by a period of time where you do a short fast. We all fast every night while we sleep, but we are going to extend this slightly. We will talk more about this next time. Start with a 12 hour eating window, followed by a 12 hour fasting period. This is called intermittent fasting. This will be our first step. The hours you pick are up to you, but as a suggestion, start with eating 8am to 8pm., etc. The act of creating this little window will also help you reduce your calories over time, leading to more weight loss and many other benefits that we will discuss as we go.

Get started and have fun with it. More steps are coming next week.

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