Lose Weight in Fairbanks by Learning from “Dumb” Animals

Warren M. Moore, D.C.

Warren M. Moore, D.C.

Wild animals exhibits a level of health far in excess of the average modern human being. Wild animals don’t suffer from heart disease, cancer, and obesity like modern humans. For more information on our major killers, check out this website. How could this be? Aren’t we much smarter than animals? Do wild animals have better genes than modern humans? Our major killers (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity) and our major chronic diseases (depression, anxiety, and fatigue) have been increasing for years and yet our genes have not changed. At the same time, if we place  wild animals into captivity, they become prone to developing the same diseases as humans.

The Wild Advantage

Wild animals exhibit better conditioning and express better health than both modern humans and wild animals placed in captivity because wild animals live in congruence with their genes. They move around a lot, and eat the diet  their genes require. Genetic congruence minimizes stress on the animal and leads to a healthy mental state as well.

The Chimp Analogy

The Chimpanzee is our closest genetic relative, with only a 2% difference in genetic material from a human being. Imagine taking a chimp and placing him in a cage that allows for some movement, but far less than he would get in the wild. Also, instead of giving him a genetically congruent  diet, we give him pizza, cheeseburgers, cola, and many other processed foods. If we were to continue this treatment for one year, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine the condition of the chimp. The chimp would be obese and well on his way to developing heart disease. Lab tests could be used to confirm the development of diabetes as well. To make matters worse, the chimp would likely be suffering from depression and/or anxiety.

The Question

If we want to restore the health of the chimp, what do we need to do? Should we give the chimp drugs to lower his cholesterol and help control his blood sugar? Should we start an anti-depressant medication immediately?

If we were to give the chimp all of these medications, we would likely be successful at lowering his cholesterol numbers and achieving better glucose control.  Tranquilizers and Prozac could also turn down his life force enough that living in the cage could be more tolerable.

Sadly, this is often the human choice.

We can all see that this chimp needs to be let out of the cage and to return to his true diet. In other words, his health will be restored when he lives in accordance with his genetic requirements.

The Human Connection

Modern human are like wild animals in captivity. Modern conveniences have improved our lives greatly in many ways.  However, we still have genetic requirements for movement and a proper diet and most of us are failing miserably in these requirements, often as a result of our modern way of life.

The ease of modern living has greatly decreased our need to move and use our bodies. It is common for a person to walk to the car and drive to work, sit at work all day, and then drive home to watch TV all evening. This kind of lifestyle does not satisfy our genetic requirement for motion and disease is the inevitable result. If your job involves sitting all day, you must exercise daily. Walking for 30-60 minutes a day can dramatically change your weight and your health. It is a genetic requirement. Most of us watch TV in the evening as a way to wind down after a busy day. Walking on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike as you watch your favorite program is an easy way to get some daily movement without requiring any extra time.

Our modern diet is dramatically different from our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Look at the shopping cart of the average grocery shopper and see how much of the food would have been available 10,000 years ago. You often won’t see much real food at all and therein lies the problem.  Our genes are the same as they were thousands of years ago and we should feed them accordingly. The Paleo Diet is a great starting point. Our genetic heritage is built primarily  for vegetables, fruit, and lean meats. Excess deviation from these genetically required foods, invites genetic stress and disease, as well as obesity.

We can lose weight in Fairbanks by studying “dumb” animals. Wild animals express vibrant health and fitness by living in accordance with their genes, naturally eating the foods they were designed to eat and getting plenty of daily movement. Modern humans have become like wild animals living in captivity and our health has plummeted while our waistlines have expanded.  Humans can be as healthy as wild animals by eating the proper diet and making daily physical activity a priority.

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Fairbanks, AK, Chiropractor, Warren Moore, D.C.