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The Big Picture

My Passion For This Subject As a Chiropractor, I am very passionate about how our eating habits affects our health and also our spine, so it is important that we touch this subject one more time and wrap up a few loose ends. In this series of blog posts, we  learned the importance of eating in congruence with our ancient genes. Primarily, the more we eat outside of our genetic requirements, the more we invite serious health and weight issues.  Truthfully, if the people of the United States were simply a healthy weight, many of our chronic healthcare issues would...

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A Day of Intermittent Fasting in Fairbanks, Alaska

A Day of Intermittent Fasting in Fairbanks, Alaska Previous blog posts have revealed some principles that can improve your health and get you in top-notch condition. I have had some questions on exactly what an entire day would look like, so we are going to outline a typical  day. Keep the bigger picture in mind and use the principles from previous blogs, but feel free to adjust anything to the way it works best for you. Simply put, a plan that is sustainable for you, will work for you. Never Forget Your Genetic Heritage To improve your weight and...

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Lose Weight in Fairbanks by Learning from “Dumb” Animals

Lose Weight in Fairbanks by Learning from “Dumb” Animals Wild animals exhibits a level of health far in excess of the average modern human being. Wild animals don’t suffer from heart disease, cancer, and obesity like modern humans. For more information on our major killers, check out this website. How could this be? Aren’t we much smarter than animals? Do wild animals have better genes than modern humans? Our major killers (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity) and our major chronic diseases (depression, anxiety, and fatigue) have been increasing for years and yet our genes have not changed. At...

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Ideal Weight Loss Fairbanks, AK

Ideal Weight Loss Fairbanks, AK A sustainable weight-loss plan must be simple. In other posts, I’ve talked about the dangers of believing  “the illusion of complexity” and that managing your health and weight is complicated. To review, click here. Today, let’s examine a common question and learn why the answer is crucial for creating  ideal weight loss conditions. Exercise vs. Diet. Which One is Most Important for Weight Loss? Both what you eat and how much you move your body  play a role in your ability to lose weight. The most important factor in weight loss, however, is always diet....

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Losing Weight is Easy With a Bird’s Eye View

The Importance of the Bird’s-Eye View Life gets easier when we have the proper perspective.  A wise person has the ability to see the bigger picture. Getting the proper perspective on health and weight loss is  tremendously difficult in the United States. We are constantly bombarded with sales messages that urge us to seek the quick fix. Have you  noticed how many pharmaceutical ads pass through your eyes during your favorite TV show? These drug ads are high on emotion and low on facts and convince us that managing your health and weight is complicated. This is called the...

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