Rebecca Bradshaw, Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Since graduation in 2011, I’ve been focusing my continuing education on
different medical modalities and techniques. The techniques I use are a
mixture of trigger point/neuromuscular, myofascial, fascial stretching and deep tissue. Depending on what the clients’ needs are and what they are most likely to respond to, based on the types of tension they are experiencing.
My approach is slow and patient… I like to wait for the body to respond
before I move on. Fascia and trigger points can take a couple minutes of
continuous pressure before they release, and if it doesn’t release, it’s
usually a sign that it’s reacting to another tight muscle that needs to be
released first.

I believe the most important thing when trying to create lasting result in a
client is finding the root cause. In some situations this is right at the
source of the pain but many times the root of the problem is in an opposing
muscle creating an imbalance and causing a “tug of war”  like effect on your
skeletal structure. Futhermore, a muscle that is tight from being over
stretched responds best to different a treatment than what should be used on
a muscle that is tight from being overused or contracted for long periods.
Being able to tell the difference between different types of muscle and
fascial tension and finding where that tension is coming from can be a
deciding factor on whether or not a client responds to massage.

Though I’m confident with most issues, I specialize in conditions stemming from forward posture, like long hours at a desk, driving, etc., shoulder issues.  headaches, and back pain.